Storing Your Vehicles As A Motor Trader

As a dealer within the motor trade, you will undoubtedly need somewhere to keep your vehicles, and dependant on the type of trader that you are, this could limit you on the amount of business you can bring in. For example, as a trader working from home with no premises and only a small, enclosed street to keep vehicles on, you’re going to find life a lot harder than somebody with a large forecourt and garage.

With a forecourt and premises, storage of vehicles can sometimes become a problem when there are too many, but this never tends to get to a point where a relocation is necessary. Sometimes cramped circumstances are put down to a boom in business, however cars don’t buy themselves so it’s a hole that you need to avoid digging yourself into as a trader. A known method for moving cars that need work doing, or aren’t selling out of the way, sometimes need to be stored in lock-ups and garages.

At the other end of the scale, some motor traders only shift between 5 and 15 vehicles a year, and live on small, packed streets, however even this can be too much sometimes. Having as few as two cars in their possession at a time can be a nuisance to others around them, when it comes to parking on busy streets near their homes. Some traders even have up to five vehicles in their possession at one time and live in similar streets where parking is like rocking horse droppings. Paying to keep your vehicles in lockups can be a sensible move, as they are kept safe and away from prying eyes.

When you’re setting up a Motor Trade business, be on the look for comprehensive traders policy insurance as it’s one of the key things you need to consider – where to keep your vehicles. If you live on a small street, it can be advised that you get permission before keeping more than two vehicles there, as it makes parking more difficult for residents as previously mentioned. When going to the extent of buying a premises, plan out what space can be used for storage of cars, dependant on the number you will own at one time of course.

In short, just make sure that you have planned for the whereabouts of your vehicles while you have them, and try to guarantee that they will not hinder anyone else in the process. This is not to say that being a trader from home doesn’t work – there is plenty of proof on the internet to suggest that it does – just be mindful of circumstances.  As always, if you know to look in the right places, you’ll get the information you’re after.

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