The Purpose Of Your Mods – Pay Attention

Have you already decided on the purpose of your vehicle modification? If not, first do that and then plan your redesigning. Here’s a quick guide to help you understand various reasons to redesign or rather the objective you can keep in mind.

Drag Racing

Modifying your vehicle for drag racing can drastically affect your vehicle for regular usage. Remember, the entire objective in drag racing is to make your vehicle as light as possible and as small too without compromising on power. It has to launch off the line quicker and use power as much is available. Unfortunately, this does not translate to good everyday usage since you do need tires with grip and not those designed for less grip but more speed.

Road Racing

For a road racer, power is not the only requirement. You have to plan for brakes and handling improvements too. Besides, your car better cool well since most races can last over ten minutes. Cars that have good brakes and are lightweight tend to have better lap times than cars with lots of muscle but too much weight. The trick is to balance your vehicle out.


AutoX is all about parking lot racing and it takes a beating on your tires. You need a car with excellent torque, plenty of useful power, excellent tires and proper braking. Most of the time your speeds will be limited to 60mph and it takes no more than 1 to 2 minutes at most. You should concentrate on suspensions and tires for this kind of racing.


Regardless of your chosen discipline, you have to plan for safety. Keep a fire extinguisher in your vehicle and install a roll cage with 4 or 5-point harness to ensure you are always protected. Always check your brakes and fit good quality brakes as they help a lot with performance.

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