Power Mods – Boost Your Power

Time has come to improve the performance of your vehicle. Tuning the performance is not always about adding new components. It also includes keeping existing components brand new or in good shape. Here’s a list of things you can do for your power upgrade.

Cold Air Intake

The most common and inexpensive way to improve efficiency and power of any car. It basically replaces the filter and airbox with something that helps provide more air to your vehicle. This improves the horsepower. Just remember to keep it as high as possible.

Headers & High-Flow Exhausts

Yes, the exhaust does matter in performance. When you use better exhaust and new headers, it allows gases to exist with more ease this provides a slight boost to performance. The use of catalytic converters and stock mufflers helps reduce emissions but in the process it eats from the vehicle’s performance.


The brains of your vehicle, its job is to run everything like clockwork. With sensors and actuators, it can make tiny adjustments on-the-fly to ignition timing, idle speed and so much more. With Fuel-injected engines, it even makes sure the air-fuel mixture is ideal. Reprogramming or charting new parameters can increase performance and may even help with fuel economy. But it should only be done by an expert.

Tires Matter

Your tires can eat away from the performance if they lose traction. Make sure you put a good set of tires as it can handle brakes better, translate the power from the engine to the pavement better and handle turns with superior ease. Good tires are always a must for traction and performance.

Spark Plugs

Always overlooked, spark plugs should always be good and clean. These tiny little things when in prime condition can do amazing things. When new, clean and hot they ignite air-fuel mixtures with perfection but overtime these things corrode and can cause worries. Try for iridium plugs with fine wire centres.

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