Illegal Alternations With UK Modified Cars

s car lovers, modifications give your vehicle a personal identity. However, in the process of making them the sharpest of cars and the meanest of vehicles, you can end up with changes that may skirt the boundaries of legality. There are varying rules depending on the country your live in and even local states or districts. Here are the top 10 illegal mods that you should first check before doing.

Window Tinting

Adding dark windows may give you privacy and your car that mysterious look but it also happens to be highly illegal in many countries. In fact, tinting regulations strictly prohibit the use of darkened windows because it makes it difficult for law enforcement to observe inside the vehicle.

Framed License Plates

Before customizing license plates and adding frames, make sure this is legal where you stay. You can otherwise end up getting pulled over and ticketed!

Changing Exhausts

If you just added a new exhaust that gives more power but is also much louder than before then you may just run the risk of getting pulled over due to noise complaints. Make sure your state or country does not have such noise regulations before thinking of amping the sound levels.

HID Lamps

Using HID lamp kits can brighten up the road at night and give your vehicle a nice shiny look. It can also get you a ticket if it happens to be illegal!

Undercarriage Lighting

While quite popular, this modification may be illegal if it somehow interferes with the rear and front lighting. Certain colour combinations are restricted by law for lights as they can be distractions or confusions.


Increasing the height of your vehicle or even the suspensions can change how your car looks and also drives. There are limits on how high a particular class of vehicle can go. Such limits are set on the taillight height and headlight height. Find out these limits and make sure not to go over.

Muffler Delete

Increasing horse power with muffler delete is a good idea but it increases noise levels too. There are laws that may require mufflers to reduce noise and if it does not, they can be deemed illegal.

Studded Tires

Many drivers like accentuating their vehicles with studded tires. These tires tend to grasp slippery roads better however they can rough up the pavement and some states in the US tend to ban their use unless it is winter.

Cold Air Intake

Muscle cars and four cylinder vehicles tend to get this popular alteration and while it is not immediately visible, such a modification can land you in trouble. It increases the power from the engine but also eats into fuel consumption and increases emissions. Chances are your vehicle will no longer meet emission limits.

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